Welcome to a crazy active market.

This current calendar year has had a visual perspective much like that of watching highway traffic zip by.  But, if you are a buyer, you do not want to be standing on the shoulder.  You want to BE the traffic.  So how is that done in today’s market where a listing can go on, and off, within hours?

First, YOU as a buyer need to have your ducks in a row.  Or in this example…have your car packed and ignition on.  You need to know what your budget is and have the pre approval letter from your intended lender.  You need to have a solid idea of what you prefer in a home and what you must have in a home (dealbreakers). 

Next, you need to have representation by an experienced REALTOR.  Sure, accessing multiple sites and apps that seem to flood our computers and phones is good for viewing listings, but often a property is under contract before a listing is loaded onto one of these secondary sites we all have used once or twice (and sware it’s the best thing since sliced bread).  But, as a secondary site, it may take 24-48 hours for a listing to hit OR to change status. So if a home is under contract in one or two days, this is not a viable searching source any longer.  A REALTOR is another set of eyes and direct access to first look listings.  A REALTOR will get you every opportunity to get in to a home and to get your offer in before it is too late. 

Also, have your hands on the wheel and foot on the gas.  If you see a home you feel might be ‘the one’, then contact your REALTOR immediately – text, call, email, smoke signal, or all the above – expressing your interest so he or she knows your interest and you can get it scheduled.

Finally, be a quick thinker and quick decider.  If it meets your needs, and has little or no obvious dealbreakers, you should be able to decide to write that offer or not within a few hours.  Much like that shiny new car passing you by with gleaming wheels… if you notice this house as a great option, chances are many other drivers…I mean buyers J are likely doing the same.

Buyers start your engines!